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In the Footsteps of History, an adventure-based educational platform is proud to announce the release of its newest immersive learning game, In the Footsteps of Matthew Henson, which was made in partnership with 3D experts, Ultisim.
Here’s a small sampling of what resonated in my quest for resources that cross the boundary between best current instructional practice and future-worthy vehicles to better learning.
In the Footsteps of History, Booth 1466
I find this carefully developed and designed resource truly exciting. Among the library of curriculum resources curated to inform….
Pioneering educational providers In the Footsteps of History, creators of a tech-forward social studies enrichment program that brings world history to life through the excitement of adventure and exploration, have partnered with Lumio, the digital learning tool used by millions around the world and created by global EdTech leader SMART.
After learning about Marco Polo and his journey along the Silk Road, students are exploring five ancient trading cities along the world famous route.

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He’s been trekking through wilderness areas around the world for over five decades, and veteran Black explorer J.R. Harris says his thirst for adventure is still as strong as ever.