In the Footsteps of History Announces Their Newest Immersive Learning Game

New York City, NY – In the Footsteps of History, an adventure-based educational platform is proud to announce the release of its newest immersive learning game, In the Footsteps of Matthew Henson, which was made in partnership with 3D experts, Ultisim.

This learning module illuminates the remarkable journey of Matthew Henson, an African American explorer who achieved a monumental feat in the early 20th century by becoming the first person to reach the North Pole. Despite this groundbreaking accomplishment, Henson’s name is often overshadowed by that of his better-known companion, Admiral Robert Peary.

“My family and I are so proud to see my great-grandfather’s legacy being carried forward in this way, says Aviaq Henson. “It’s truly inspiring to see how his adventures and discoveries are being shared with the younger generation. It’s such a good reminder of the importance of passing down these untold stories.”

“This immersive game takes inspiration from Henson’s historic expedition to the top of the world, allowing players to embark on a thrilling journey through the Arctic wilderness, engaging with the northernmost Inuit community of Greenland, who played an important role in the expedition,” says CEO of In the Footsteps of History , Denis Belliveau, an Emmy nominated filmmaker, Explorers Club member, and the creator, writer, and director of the game.

In the Footsteps of History’s immersive Journeys, presented by world-famous explorers, fill a much-needed role in an often challenging subject to teach. The program’s unique mix of documentary-quality videos and cutting-edge, web-based 3D games and simulations, provide a valuable teaching tool for building knowledge, expanding world views, and fostering respect for other cultures.

“We believe it’s essential to highlight the accomplishments of individuals like Matthew Henson, whose remarkable feats deserve recognition,” said Richard Boyd, CEO of QuestSIM, funders of In the Footsteps of History’s new 3D simulations. “This educational simulation game aims to provide educators and students with a deeper understanding of Henson’s legacy and the importance of recognizing diverse perspectives in historical narratives.”

In the Footsteps of History’s programs are designed to work on existing classroom technology with no downloads required and offer standards-aligned lesson plans that spark meaningful discussions in the classroom with measurable outcomes. For more information on In the Footsteps of History’s journeys, and to access free trials, visit

About In the Footsteps of History
In the Footsteps of History is a tech-forward social studies enrichment program based on journeys of discovery, comprising 3D gaming, activities, and optional VR delivered through beautifully crafted modules that enrich any World History, Global Studies, Economics, Geography, or Ancient History curriculum. For demos and free trials, visit

About UltiSim
QuestSim is proudly created by UltiSim, a company powered by a unique combination of leading-edge gaming technology, learning simulation, and artificial intelligence expertise. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, UltiSim was founded by executives from Lockheed Martin and IBM with deep backgrounds in computer gaming, building fully immersive 3D simulation experiences that solve real-world problems. UltiSim empowers companies to transition from static two-dimensional data to interactive, three dimensional, real-time data visualization, and analytics. UltiSim creates new opportunities for businesses through AI-powered simulations for immersive training, collaboration, and customer insight. Learn more by visiting


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