Tech Requirements

All modules work on Mac, PC, Chromebook and iPad.
iPad users will need to download a separate app for modules 3 and 4 for Marco Polo from the Apple schools website. These apps are free of charge to any of our subscribers.

Sample: Marco Polo


Module 2: VR Silk Road Field Trip requires VR headsets*, VR enabled computers** (desktop or laptop) and desktop/laptop cable. A separate app is provided free of charge for your VR enabled devices. Note: A 2D version of this module is offered for schools that do not have VR equipment. Module 4: If desired, this module also works on a stand-alone VR headset not requiring any computer or cable.

Recommended browser is CHROME. Internet speed and connection for latency, download and upload speeds as well as device specifications will affect the performance of modules.


Oculus Quest, Quest 2

• Oculus Rift S

• Pico Neo 2

• HTC Vive, Vive Pro


For the PC, all leading computer manufacturers offer a range of ‘VR Ready’ PCs. We will test on the following headsets as they become available [published release date].

• Pico Neo 3 – [Q3 2021]

• HTC Vive Pro 2 – [June 2021]

• HTC Vive Focus 3 – [June 2021]

• Varjo VR-3 / XR-3 – [Jan 2021]

• HP Reverb G2 – [May 2021]

Desktop mode requirements

Desktop Mode provides a widely accessible experience, similar to computer gaming. The following is a minimum spec for a PC (a dedicated GPU is required for the best experience):

• Headset not required

• Windows 10 /11 PC

• Minimum Spec: Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater,16GB RAM, UHD Gen 11 GPU Chipset or greater