Our flagship program, In the Footsteps of Marco Polo, is an engaging five-part series of activities, games and VR, with accompanying state standards-aligned lesson plans, handouts and scripts, as well as extensions. Lessons build on each other, check for understanding, and emphasize critical thinking and discussions.

Teachers are provided with recommendations for utilizing the modules, based on their students’ grade level and available class time. Most teachers choose to follow all five lessons, for a minimum of five class periods, creating an intensive experience, but each lesson is also designed to be used as a stand-alone in order to meet the needs of students and the available time. The more your students do, the more they’ll learn!

This beautifully crafted series will enrich any World History, Global Studies, Economics, Geography, or Ancient History curriculum. It can also be used in a mentoring or “buddy” program to blend grade levels.

Such an exciting way for students to understand cultural humility, the importance of genuine curiosity and the mindset and behaviors of leadership.

– Stacey Kertsman, Director, Center for Awareness, Compassion, and Engagement

Castilleja School

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo has the following lessons and activities:

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo should be used when your curriculum focuses on...

• China
• The Eastern Hemisphere
• The Mongols
• Silk Road
• Old-World Geography

• Islamic Empires
• Medieval Europe
• Anthropology
• Economics
• Arts and Culture

*A note about using VR headsets: Students can take turns on the headset/s while other students are working on different modules (for example, the Geometric Pattern Creator or Interactive Map activity).

I’m so impressed with the incredible use of technology in this program–I’ve never seen my students so engaged in any history lesson before! They had a blast and learned so much while doing so.

– Wynn Richards, teacher and Social Studies Department Head, San Domenico High School