Pioneering History Education Providers Announce New Collaboration with Global EdTech Leader

NEWS RELEASE BY    In the Footsteps of History

New York, NY | June 25, 2023 08:00 AM, Eastern


Pioneering educational providers In the Footsteps of History, creators of a tech-forward social studies enrichment program that brings world history to life through the excitement of adventure and exploration, have partnered with Lumio, the digital learning tool used by millions around the world and created by global EdTech leader SMART. Through this new collaboration, more than 20 free In the Footsteps of History lessons, including Marco Polo and the Silk Road, the travels of Ibn Battuta and the legendary city of Timbuktu, and more will be available in Lumio, making the most of its interactive and engaging resources for exciting history education.

In the Footsteps of History’s immersive lessons, presented by world-famous explorers, fill a much-needed role in an often challenging subject to teach. The program’s unique mix of documentary-quality videos, 3D games,, and cutting-edge simulations including VR, provide a valuable teaching tool for building knowledge, expanding world views, and fostering respect for other cultures. With outstanding reviews for
higher engagement, improved visualization, and elevated critical thinking, In the Footsteps of History ushers in a whole new era for the social studies classroom.

“The power of technology to provide students with opportunities to visit places that they would not otherwise be able to is truly impressive,” says explorer Denis Belliveau, CEO, and Founder of In the Footsteps of History. “Our hope is that this will encourage more and more youth to go out and discover the world around them.”

For middle and high school social studies educators who are looking to engage students with unique and immersive lessons, Lumio and In the Footsteps of History have teamed up to create a new resource category of original content , utilizing Lumio’s collaborative and interactive game-based learning tools.

“We are thrilled to work with the team at In the Footsteps of History to bring unique, immersive history learning into Lumio, supporting teachers and students with great content,” Says Dan McMahon, Lumio Vice President of Software. “Together, we have even more opportunities to bring learning to life and connect more students with engaging experiences.”

In the Footsteps of History is presenting at ISTELive June 26-28 at booth #1466 and Lumio is presenting at booth #2718 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

New In the Footsteps of History ‘Journeys‘ will be rolling out over the coming months.



In the Footsteps of History is a tech-forward social studies enrichment program of multimedia units that bring history to life through the excitement of adventure and exploration.

Offered as complete units called Journeys with videos, web-based 3D games, and standards-aligned lesson plans, and augmented by additional immersive virtual reality (VR) Walkabouts, In the Footsteps of History promotes higher engagement, improved visualization, stronger comprehension, increased retention, and elevated critical thinking. For more information and free trials visit or contact Lisa Taylor at 718-986-5104 or by email at lisa@inthefootsteps.


About Lumio

Lumio is a free, easy-to-use, digital learning tool that lets teachers transform lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their devices, wherever they are. With countless ways for students to engage and drive their own learning, Lumio is a perfect fit for educators who are looking for ways to increase interactivity, collaboration, and game-based learning. To learn more, visit


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