VR Walkabouts

Immersive, detailed, and accurate historical VR scenes increase engagement as students experience the past come to life right in the comfort of your classroom!

Our VR Walkabout scenes allow students to truly immerse themselves in the footsteps of history. Each Walkabout has lots to see, explore and experience, providing contextual learning in a highly visceral way. The environments and the curated museum artifacts within allow teachers to pose questions to students, promote group discussions and enhance writing and literacy skills. The Walkabouts can be used in many different areas of learning from experiencing life in a WWI trench, to sailing the Pacific with Polynesians and living among the Inuit in the Arctic Circle.

All of our Walkabouts come complete with checks for understanding and assessment options, including key questions to provoke student discussion.

*VR Walkabouts require PCVR 

VR Walkabouts

Using Walkabouts to augment your history lessons

Critical thinking questions

Leveled Questions for Scaffolding
Deepen Knowledge & Retention
Collect, Discuss, Grade – it’s up to the teacher

VR Scenes

Authentic Artifacts
Highly Accurate
Historically Important


Critical thinking


15′ of space, Gaming Computer, VR Headset plus tether cable

Only 1-2 Minutes Needed!

That’s all the time each student needs to explore a scene